3 Best Seller Cosplay Costumes from Star Wars

One of the most defining movies in its era, Star Wars broke records after its release. This huge blockbuster sci-fi, space action movie was definitely a first of its kind and no one had dared to undertake such a project before this. This is probably the main reason why this movie became such a famous hit throughout the world.

It is based on an epic drama which has been set in “A Galaxy Far, Far Away…” from ours. There, light speed travelling and fighting with light sabers is a very normal routine. Even with a cliché story baseline showing “good defeating evil”, the buildup was so extraordinary that it had no problem at all in sky rocketing its hits.

It has been almost 40 years since Star Wars debuted and yet, this sci-fi masterpiece still remains as popular as ever. It has been capturing and inspiring generations of people and gaining a larger fan base with every release.

There is something about the movie Star Wars which entices individuals on a very deep and personal level. It has been based completely on villains and heroes, all black and white, with no gray areas like our world. This made it easier for viewers to grasp the concepts and emerge themselves into the world of Star Wars. There were emotions of love, betrayal, fear, defeat, victory and sadness all balanced into a perfect setting. The level of these emotions have always remained simplistic and basic so people of every age can relate to, and understand them.

Such a hit calls for an increasingly high demand in Star Wars costumes for cosplay purposes. At cosplaysky.com we provide just the right costumes for you, with a guarantee on doing justice on the real deal.

Some of the best-selling products of the most famous characters include:

  • Star Wars Cloak Version Brown Cosplay Costume – A must-have and a standard clothing design for every Jedi out there. It is currently on a reduced price and selling at only $25.99 instead of $53.99! That’s more than a 50% reduction and this offer should not be missed! It takes up to 7 to 12 days to process and 3 to 7 workings days to deliver.jedi_knight_cosplay_costume_outfit_brown_version_for_star_wars_cosplay1
  • Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Cosplay Costume Outfit Black Version – An exact replica of the original clothes of Anakin Skywalker, wearing this cosplay costume will have everyone do a double-take. The costume includes a cloak, 2 straps, 1 shirt, 1 belt, 1 pant. The costume is made from linen and uniform clothing and can be customized to fit your size. It is priced at $99.99 which is quite reasonable for the excellent quality being provided.star-wars-jedi-cosplay-costume-outfit-black-version
  • Star Wars Obi One Kenobi Jedi Tunic Costume Custom made – priced at $99.99 this costumes is the best replica you’ll find in the market and includes an inner tunic, tabard, belt, outer tunic, robe, pant and a cloak made from linen cotton polyester.star_wars_kenobi_jedi_tunic_costume_custom-made_1 (1)

Make sure to check these out and hundreds more costumes at cosplaysky.com.

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Captain America: Civil War

Feeding off of inspiration from 1970s conspiracy thrillers, Joe and Anthony Russo crafted Captain America: The Winter Soldier into a tight, tense, thrilling blockbuster that to this point arguably represents the best work we’ve seen from Marvel Studios. Their presence is a more than welcome addition to Captain America: Civil War.


Captain America

When considering the events of Captain America: Civil War it’s not hard to see why Captain America a.k.a. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) might take issue with something like the Superhero Registration Act. This is because the last time he put his trust in a government body, it wound up being entirely rotten at its core and needed to be destroyed. It’s this viewpoint – and its contrast with Tony Stark’s – that will wind up driving the drama in Marvel Studios’ first 2016

Base on official press release, the movie began with Captain America leading the new team of Avengers around the globe and stopping threats. Unfortunately, one stop on this tour leads to an international incident involving a good deal of collateral damage. Mounting political pressure results in a regulation that will force superheroes to register with the government, but while some individuals are on board with this idea, others very much aren’t. This cause a clash of the titans where heroes aren’t fighting villains, but instead other heroes.

Though they went into making CAPTAIN AMERICA: The Winter Soldier with zero blockbuster directing experience, brothers Joe and Anthony Russo absolutely blew audiences away in 2014 with their first Marvel film – and it came as a surprise to nobody when news came around that the studio wanted them back for Captain America 3. Given that the Russo’s work with the comic book company earned them an incredible amount of acclaim, it was equally unsurprising when they accepted the gig.

Certainly one of the most exciting aspects of Captain America: Civil War will be determining which team she winds up joining in the movie – be it pro-registration or anti-registration. She has been a wild card her entire life, and also happens to have very close relationships with both Captain America and Iron Man. Which side will she choose? We’ll have to wait and find out.


Paul Bettany’s take on Vision was certainly one of the best elements in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, perfectly capturing both the comic book character and beautifully representing the themes in the movie of chaos vs. order. After such a fantastic performance, we really didn’t want to have to wait long to see him again, and the good news is that we won’t.

In the Civil War crossover comic book arc, Captain America was eventually driven underground and seen as a fugitive in the eyes of Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. following his resistance to the new legislation. Along with other heroes opposing Superhero Registration, Cap led a resistance movement, leading to both guerrilla attacks and all-out battles with Iron Man and his allies. At this point, it’s not entirely clear exactly how close to the source material Captain America: Civil War be will staying, but we can probably assume that the basics here will all be featured.

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Who are Black Window and Scarlet Witch? the Greatest Super Heroine Wonder Woman is the Real Kick-ass!

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the ten movies that are scheduled in the next coming years. This Batman V Superman film will be DC’s first overall expansion. With the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman’s debut on the scene is really an eye-popper for our DC fans. In the film, Wonder Woman’s graceful body, resolute character and her combative Amazon heritage consist of one of the highlights of the film. Wonder Woman is also the most discussed character after the premiere of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. It is evident that Wonder Woman has gained herself tremendous popularity.


1.Who is Wonder Woman?

As is known to comic fans, Wonder Woman, one of the DC super heroes, had her debut in All Star Comics by DC. Many of the DC characters come from the ancient Greek myths, and Wonder Woman is a typical one among them. In comics, Wonder Woman are embodies with ancient Greek myth: she is a noble princess of Amazon nation from Paradise Island. The Amazon nation is a very ancient in Greek myth. In Amazon nation, there are no men but women who are brave and combative in the battle field. As the Amazon Queen, Hippolyta died in the Athens war. As the embodiment of justice and peace, Wonder Woman (Princess Diana) is the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus who is the king of Olympus. Wonder Woman is not only one of the most famous DC super heroes but also one of the most important American super heroes. As the very first female superhero of American comics history, Wonder Woman is the symbol of feminist movements in which women realize their own values and break the traditions. Wonder Woman is not only the core member but also the co-founder of the League of Justice which include the other six giants like Superman, Batman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Cyborg. Diana, the name, is originated from the Goddess of Moon in ancient Rome myth. As beautiful as Venus and as smart as Athena, she is granted with the title of Wonder Woman.


2.Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

As an important supporting role in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman has not got very big shared performance part, but every time she shows up, wow, splendid enough! Though in the film her identity is not explained clearly (like her Amazon inherit), it is already enough to suggest her extraordinary identity background. It is evident that DC wants to keep her mysterious until the release of the independent movie exclusively for Wonder Woman. Her every appearing in the film is account for every important clue (the photo taken in WWI). The final fight at the end of the film really highlights her super strong battle power. That profligate and unrestrained smile when she falls on the ground really reflects her warlike and aggressive spirit for the battle field. Aren’t you excited to take a look at Wonder Woman’s Divine Shield?


The identity of Wonder Woman is finally exposed due to the photo from WWI period stolen by Batman. In the coming stories, Wonder Woman will surely play a more important role. The photo and two lines of Wonder Woman will be enough to illustrate the extraordinary highlights of her identity. The rest of her stories will be remained in her independent movie. Guess you will just have to wait for it until 2017!

3.They all starred as Wonder Woman!

201603291413022dc3eProduced by Warner Home Video in 1975, the TV series Wonder Woman, starred by Miss USA Linda Carter, has created a classic Wonder Woman! This is the most popular well-known and recognized version of the Wonder Woman whose fortitude and mellow are perfectly interpreted by Linda. The glamour girl wearing low cut blouses with stars and stripes has become the goddess in the eyes of the 70s generation.

Another Wonder Woman Adrianne seems not to have the luck in Wonder Woman TV series criticized by the audiences in all aspects ranging from the costume to the plot. For example, her version of Wonder Woman has become a director in a big company in LA.

In 2004, the 19 year old Gail Gadot won the title of Miss Israel and represented Israel in the 2004 Miss Universe Pageant. As Han’s girlfriend, Gail Gadot left the audiences good impressions in the film Fast and Furious. In fact, Gail Gadot was not considered as the perfect Wonder Woman candidate for her body. However, different from the majority of actresses, she had served in the Israeli Defense Forces for two year before becoming an actor. She learned how to use weapons in the military. Before the premiere of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the audiences have high expectations for this new Wonder Woman.

If Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is not enough for your craving, you are going to have to wait until 2017 when she comes back as protagonist!

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She Rocks the Best Princess Cosplay Costumes

If you visit Reigan’s Facebook or Instagram accounts, you will come across Reigan’s pictures portraying different princesses such as Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Ella from Cinderella, Belle from The Beauty and the Beast, Ariel from the Little Mermaid and even Tink from Tinkerbell.


She pays close attention to all her characters. Her costumes are pristine. Her Elsa outfit is exactly the icy blue color of original Elsa’s costume in the movie. She accompanies it with a platinum blonde wig and an almost identical eye makeup. Suffice to say that she looks a lot like Elsa but then again she looks a lot like Anna from Frozen as well. She has Anna’s green dress and her hiking costume down to a T. Reigan also cosplayed some of the classic Disney princesses. She had tried on the looks of both Ella characterization. From the cartoon movie and the 2015 feature movie version. Reigan was careful to pick out her costumes and makeup with great care to cosplay both versions. Her yellow ball gown to cosplay Belle from The Beauty and the Beast was the most real cosplay you could hope to see. Reigan knows how to play to her strengths while cosplaying these princesses. She has cosplyed every princess perfectly.



Reigan doesn’t always cosplays princesses. As a true cosplayer, she mixes it up a lot. She has cosplayed a lot of other characters perfectly and once again her costume choices and her execution has set her style apart from the rest. Reigan has portrayed Wonder Woman from the DC World perfectly, she also did an amazing cosplay of Alice in Alice in the Wonderland.

12669560_1041333615929363_3126278802924476782_nHer dedication to cosplay is impeccable especially when she managed to look exactly like Daisy Ridley’s Rey from Star Wars and Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.

11259629_970687012994024_2195868602936519602_n5684_1022981344431257_3961775024153888353_nShe also likes to cosplay some of her favourite anime characters now and then.The best thing about Reigan Chan’s cosplay is her variety of cosplay characters and her execution. She likes to pay attention to details and her costumes, makeup and portrayal of characters are perfection.

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Interesting Details that Cannot be Missed in Film Zootopia

As is known to most of young people who go to the cinemas recently, Zootopia is another new Disney movie (3D) which has gained a tremendously large number of positive comments. Humanized animals like Mickey Mouse are featured and the essence of Disney movies. What makes this movie specially different is that Disney gathers all species of animals living in a peaceful city.

But is that all about this movie? Please never underestimate Disney movies. Zootopia not only imply political and social factors inside but also portrays the expectations for future. Some other details are such perfections that you can never miss. This article are going to list those interesting details that you might not find in Zootopia. If you have watched this movie in cinemas, after reading this article, you are going to love Zootopia more! If you have not been to the cinema yet, this article will take you in an adventure of Zootopia and bring you a tremendously great experience.QQ图片20160321145130

1. As mentioned earlier, its specially different from any other animal-talking movies produced by Disney.

Making another specially different animal~talking movie is one of the biggest challenges for Disney, for Disney has to figure out how those animals are going to walk on their two feet and they have to walk in different ways.

2. There are no apes in Zootopia.

Why does Disney exclude apes in Zootopia? It is probably because apes walking on their two feet look so much like human beings. This seems to be reasonable.

3. Each animal has its own unique fur and the technology to make the fur is extremely expensive.

Each character boasts completely different fur which is various in colors, textures, length and so on. Moreover, to make the fur look real, animators put it through rigorous amount of light and processes. Do you know that over 400,000 strings of hair on a mouse is made one by one?!QQ图片20160321145235

4. Each character has its own story.

Each animal is this movie is granted with a specific back-story regardless of something small.

5. There are 30,000 leaves on every tree.

To “keep the movie alive”, each leaf of each tree in this movie needs to be controlled carefully.

6. What? Those animals have their own cell phones!

If you want to make a movie in which animals are humanized, having cell phones will be sounding reasonable now. And of course you can do face time with cell phones.

7. Did you find those hilarious street signs?

If every detail in this movie should be considered, funny street signs will be one of the funniest things in this movie. There are some funny street signs, like “Get Fixed” and “NoForaging” for the bunnies.

8. This movie’s story team contributed their voices into Zootopia.

In one of the earliest scene from the movie, Judy Hopps hears her neighbor yelling at each other. Those voices are actually from the story team and kept finally.

9. 80% of the design work does not make it into the film.

A great deal of great work goes into this film Zootopia while 80% of it does not make it into the film. It is a pity but it also shows that how strictly the movie is made.

10. 18 months are spent to study animals.

Filmmakers spent one year and a half in studying the animals including their movements, hair, characteristics and so on. They made decisions about which animals should be selected for the film.

11. There are over 800,000 characters in the film.

There are approximately 800,000 different and unique characters with different costumes and looks in the movie. You can imagine how big Zootopia is.

If you have not watched the movie yet, then go to the cinemas and find out those details!





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5 Tips to Keep your Cosplay Make-up Stay Longer


When we cosplay, we always want to look our best, that’s why aside from the costumes we also invest in good makeup and even watch make-up videos for long hours to help us. I usually take about an hour to prep with make-up before I cosplay and same goes for my friends. I have tried different make-up products and techniques and here are some tips that I have collected over the years.

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Tips to Make your Own Attack on Titan Costume


If you don’t know what Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin is then you have been basically living under the rock. It’s one of the most successful and popular anime in 2013. Even up to now, people can’t get enough of the hype with Attack on Titans and in almost every con you can see Attack on Titan cosplayers.

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Check Out Ginny McQueen’s Best Costumes


Ginny McQueen aka G-Chan

Ginny McQueen is one of the most popular cosplayers in the world, and one of the most talented ones at that! She has been in the cosplay scene for more than 15 years. Her first cosplay ever was as a character from Gunsmith Cats in Otakon 1998, and that was the beginning of her successful carrer. G-chan, as some may know her, has won an incredible array of awards and nominations. She’s also helped as staff, she’s been invited to many shows and has overall become a personality of the cosplay world. She’s even been judge for many conventions and cosplay contests! Couple that with great dancing skills and a beautiful voice and Ginny McQueen can rightly be called a successful cosplayer!

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6 Reasons Why the Jem and the Holograms Movie is Not What We Expected


For Eightees cartoon fans, Jem is known to be a powerhouse. Hollywood has a reputation of getting 80s cartoons all wrong! We are yet to see what becomes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but this time the newly released Jem and the Holograms movie trailer met with universal outcries from fans. For me, Jem had been my spirit animal! And when you make a live action movie on something so close to our hearts, you just make sure of one thing- not to mess it up. Clearly the new Jem and the Hologram movie makers have not being doing their homework right because we saw the trailer and it just doesn’t seem quite right. Here’s why!

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Batman Solo Movie is Set to Be Released in 2018


It seems that the rumor mill is going at it again and it looks like people can’t stop talking about Batman. There have been high expectations for the Batman VS Superman movie with it being promoted ahead of this year’s Comic Con with tons of images from the set and the official movie releases giving it a stronger presence than ever. Warner Bros. did invest a lot in this movie and promoted it more and released teasers and sneak peeks of the movie leaving fans wanting more.

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